Your Letters from Home

Your Letters from Home is a newsletter sent out to military personnel during WW2 (1943/44/45/46) and the Korean War (1950/51/52/53). I have been working on this project for 3 years. Every letter has been indexed and entered into a spreadsheet. There are 29, 499 entries. I finished it tonight.

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  1. I can certainly see how a toiling job you’ve under taken..I’ve 350+ of My Mother and Dad’s Love Letters from WW2…most all are V-Mail. It took me 6 Months just to read them…Dad writes being at his base south of London (Sapnhoe) and hearing Nazi bombers overhead…heading to fire bomb London. they could tell by the “pitch” of the engines…plus the British had “night fighters” in Spitfires that would go up and give Jerry all he wanted. Dad was a ground officer and ran the base when the Commander was off flying…there’s a book “Three One five Group” by Col. William Leslie Brinson…a friend of Dad’s…the 315th Airborne Troop Carrier Group along with other units dropped 13,000 Paratroopers in the early/3a.m. on D-Day…behind the beaches of Utah and Omaha…into darkness…there’s a good book “Jumping into Darkness”….I could of course go on..Best of it all to you…Lee C. Parker, son…Col. William Leroy Parker,deceased but not ever to be forgotten.

  2. I have a Kindle E-Book on Amazon…detailing my Father: Col. William Leroy Parker…and his 1974 death in a CABAL which was a Heart study of an experimental drug “Aprindine” touted by Eli Lilly of Ind.ID as anti-arrhythmic but as our family found out 10 years after the fact that was not the case. It’s a mind boggling read. I hope it never happens to anyone else…Titled “In Killing an Eagle…The Shame and The Sham…Thanks-Lily…For the Protocol Scam”. I’ve been so enamored by Bill O’Reilly that I may change the name to : “Killing Colonel Parker”…Thanks for your reply..Lee C. Parker…son of Col. William Leroy Parker’38 Auburn University. WW2 Hero, Korean War Veteran.

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