Contact the Webster County Genealogical Society for research assistance.

Obituary only requests are $5.00. All other requests are $15 per hour, plus copying costs. All research is done by volunteers. We will do research on items from our library, the Fort Dodge Public Library, Webster County Courthouse and other local and county resources and online.  Our email address is

Do not request research on this site. Please email your requests to our email,

Checks should be made payable to the Webster County Genealogical Society and sent to:

Webster County Genealogical Society
424 Central Ave.
Room 134
Fort Dodge, IA 50501

Please include details on the specific people you are researching and what you want to find out.

Doing research in person

We are open by appointment only. There are some days that we don’t have a volunteer available. Our number is 515-302-9854. This phone is not in the office. It is with a member. Please leave a message or you may also use our email: ahead of time to make an appointment.

2 thoughts on “Research

  1. I have been going through my mom’s old photos and came across this. As a genealogist, I savor at the thought of a puzzle to be solved, but in a short while I was blank.
    Is there a way I can send you the photo as an attachment?
    FRONT: older woman holding little girl, and standing is slightly older boy. Can’t date it; coUld be from 1910-1940
    BACK: “Grandma Porter with Ruth and Ralph.” written by unknown
    below, printed by the photographer: “Fort Dodge Iowa”
    Did grandma live near Ft Dodge?
    Did the kids?
    Did thew kids live with grandma? I’ll assume the kids’ names are PORTER, too, otherwise they would have been mentioned.
    This isn’t a ‘research project’; I’m not asking anyone to go to any trouble, but I do savor genealogical mysteries, and I wonder if anyone there does, too.
    I could go look for the cardboard holder the photo was in. I wonder if that photographer’s files, negatives and records have been kept. Maybe the photo could be dated by when that photographer operated?
    Jerry D. Moore Novato CA
    p.s. We’re from Moline, Beloit WI, Sterling and Dixon IL., and I have no knowledge of anyone near Ft Dodge, except some family in Sac City.

    • Our email is With your permission, we could post the photo and information on our website and share on social media, including Facebook groups for returning family photos to family members (you have the option to share “digital only”).

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