Membership to the Webster County Genealogical Society is $10 per year. Members receive a quarterly newsletter.

Checks should be made payable to the Webster County Genealogical Society and sent to:

Webster County Genealogical Society
424 Central Ave.
Room 134
Fort Dodge, IA 50501

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    • Milton, we would be happy to look for Daniel’s parents. We charge $15.00 an hour for research. Please send funds to Webster County Genealogy Society, 424 Central Ave. Room 134, Fort Dodge, IA 50501

  1. My parents, Bill and Sarah Rolow, were managers of the Webster County Home when it was in existence. I grew up there as a child. I have not lived in Iowa for many years and am rarely in Iowa. I would like some help in researching the County Home, including any pictures, articles or records regarding the history of the institution. I recently did a search on regarding Rolow relatvies. I found a U.S census record from 1940 that my granfather, Louis Rolow, had filled out re: the County Home. The census named all of the residents and I was shocked to see many names I had recognized from my time living there, 1956 to 1969. I also saw that my grandfather had listed the name of the County Home as the Websrer County Paupers’ Home and Insane Asylum. I would certainly appreciate any help I could garner. I want to be able to tell this story to my own children and my grandchildren. Pleas let me know the cost for the research and who I may contact. My phone number is 918-720-1860.

    I would appreciate any assistance I could get. Thank you.
    Carolyn Rolow Hanig

    • We charge $15.00 an hour for research. Please send a check to:
      Webster County Genealogy Society
      424 Central Avenue, Room 134
      Fort Dodge, IA 50501
      Please provide as much information as you can for each individual.
      Thank You

  2. I am the g-granddaughter of David and Elise Kolb Fessler.
    Recently photographs of Fort Dodge and people c. 1900-1920 have come into my possession. For example, there is a picture of a hot air baloon in a park with Boston Store written on it. Also, some parades and a golf course.
    Would you have a suggestion of what I should do with them. Would your archives be interested or are you overwhelmed with pictures already?

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