Contact the Webster County Genealogical Society for research assistance.

Obituary only requests are $5.00. All other requests are $15 per hour, plus copying costs. All research is done by volunteers. We will do research on items without our library, the Fort Dodge Public Library, Webster County Courthouse and other local and county resources. Our email address is

Checks should be made payable to the Webster County Genealogical Society and sent to:

Webster County Genealogical Society
424 Central Ave.
Room 134
Fort Dodge, IA 50501

Please include details on the specific people you are researching and what you want to find out.

Doing research in person

The Webster County Genealogical Society is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays,Thursdays and Saturdays from 11-1245.  We are closed certain holidays or if there is inclement weather.

We can open at other times by appointment. Email ahead of time to make an appointment, or call 515-302-9854.

The genealogy society has a microfilm reader/printer. Copies are 25 cents each. You can count up your copies when you are done and pay at once. The Fort Dodge Public Library has two microfilm machines, which are coin-operated and also cost 25 cents per page. The microfilm holdings of the library and the society do not overlap, so you may wish to visit both places.

Wi-Fi is available within the Fort Dodge Public Library building. There are outlets in the library proper and in the genealogy society for laptops. The library restricts cell phone usage to the lobby.

The genealogy society has a copier and a printer/scanner/copier. Copies are 10 cents each. You can count your copies when you are done and pay at once. The library has a coin-operated copier. Copies are 10 cents each.

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  1. Looking for photos of Solomon & Nancy Wilson of Webster Co. WV Solomon was the son of Charles & Nancy Wilson. He married Nancy Hosey. H had a daughter name Lillie May Wilson who died in April 1929. I would like to see a photo of her as well, she is my maternal g-mother. I am searching for Wilson relatives from Webster Co. WV. I live in south Georgia, so it is very, very difficult for this old woman to make that trip often.

  2. Do you have any lists of residences of Fort Dodge, IA between 1860-1880? I am looking for ancestors with the surname Paffgen/Peffgen/Paeffgen?

  3. How do I know how much to send re: the research of a birth record? $15 per hour…but I don’t know how long it would take or if you have the records.

    Birth record from 1895, trying to locate parents’ names

    How long would this take so that I know how much to send?

    • If you give me the name I will walk down to the court house and look. The court house is just a few blocks from our office in the library.
      If the info is there, I will write it out on paper, It won’t take long. I will let you know either way if there is any info.
      I ask for a donation after the fact.
      Susan M. Olson

  4. Do you have access to naturalization certificates from 1894 that were issued by the District Court? If so, I will gladly pay to have some research done. If you cannot access these records, can you provide me any information as to what office within the county would have that information? Thank you for your assistance.

    • Hello. We do have access to some naturalization certificates. I will look when I go in tomorrow and let you know if we have that year.
      Susan M. Olson

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