Czech heritage


We had a gentleman stop by the society’s room today looking for information on how to research Czech genealogy.

I’m no expert.

We looked up some names in the Czech obits 1937-1980 book. The index lists the deceased, as well as others listed in the obits, such as survivors and pall bearers.

I also found a couple of sites that can help you get started researching Czech family history.

Get started with Czech genealogy
5 Places to Begin a Search for Czech Ancestors

Last year, I attended the Czech picnic in Fort Dodge. It was a happy accident. I was delivering Messenger bound books to Marion Pliner for indexing. She insisted that I stay and attend the picnic. It was a nice event.


I haven’t heard when the next Czech picnic will be, but if you have Czech ancestry and want to find out more, it could be helpful to connect with others with similar interests.


This table was full of family history items brought in for people to look at.


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