Genealogy tip of the day: July 7, 2015


Today’s tip is about using Pinterest for genealogy.

First, you should know that the Webster County Genealogical Society does have a Pinterest page.There are 22 boards with categories like Genie humor, Technology, History, Church records, Organization, Charts and Printables, Civil War and more.

The boards are in alphabetical order, except that Military and wars are at the end, together.

If you are experienced with Pinterest, you can create boards for genealogy and research. Some people label their genealogy-related board like this: Genealogy Books, Genealogy Civil War Records, Genealogy Courthouse Research, Genealogy German, Genealogy Pennsylvania, Genealogy Tips and so on.

You can set up a board for a specific surname and invite other family members to add to your board. You can have a board about a specific place your ancestors lived.

When you create a new board, you can add a description (or edit it in later). You can also choose which image from all the pins in that board should be the cover for the board. That is what people see when they are looking at your boards.

There are more good tips here, here and here.

This blog tells you how to get started on Pinterest. If you need personal assistance, our society president, Carol Foltz, is usually at the society on Wednesdays.

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