Location, location, location

That is what real estate agents say is so important.

We added a Google calendar to this site so that people can see when we have a volunteer signed up or need a volunteer, and also know when the meetings are. That is not difficult – it’s the first Monday each month unless it’s a holiday, and then it’s the second Monday. Usually that’s only Labor Day, but sometimes it’s New Year’s Day.

But .. while working on this, I clicked on a link to Google maps and made a discovery.

Apparently Google thinks the Webster County Genealogical Society is at the Dayton Public Library.


I sent a message to Google Maps about the error. I expect they will fix it within a couple of weeks. They were pretty good about it when I submitted a correction about the spelling of Meriwether Drive in Fort Dodge in July.

So, to clarify, the Webster County Genealogical Society is located inside the Fort Dodge Public Library in Fort Dodge, Iowa. The exact address is Room 134, 424 Central Avenue, Fort Dodge, IA 50501.

I have changed the entry to have the address instead of the name of the society, and it comes up properly on Google Maps.

~Carol Foltz, WCGS president~

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