October 2019

October is Family History month. Each year, in the library front hall we have a display. This is the display for October 2019.

Our October meeting is Monday, October 7, 2019, at 1 pm, inside the Fort Dodge Public library.

Over the past few months, we have been sorting a donation received by the family of Judy Ort. She is a member that passed recently.

It is now “sorted”. I am looking through the items to see what needs to be scanned.

October 10, 11, and 12th I will be in Des Moines at the 2019 Fall conference for the Iowa State Genealogical Society. Along with being the President of the Webster County Genealogical Society, I am also the district rep for Region 12. I will be attending the conference and attending IGS meetings. This a picture of the conference last year of the speaker, Lisa Louise Cooke and members of the Webster County Genealogical Society.

Pat Breno, Mary Cae Madden, Linda Madden, Lisa Louise Cooke, Susan M. Olson, Pat Conklin

Saturday, October 26, 2019, Carol Snyder Foltz, Cheri Hendrix and myself will be presenting classes at the Hamilton Heritage Hunters Genealogy Workshop.

2 thoughts on “October 2019

  1. Have a list of some of our kin that were Iowa’ns…one was Joseph Willford who would be my 5th generation maternal grandfather…His story is totally incredible…his wife was Mary Campbell…Wikipedia…again she was a “bell cow” story of Strength for women. Joseph died in Cedar County, IA 9-23-1842…I’ll email the list to you. but I need a email address. It also appears they fought in the Civil War…Through marriage they go to William Bradford / Gov. and the Mayfower…This has been so much fun. Paternally my Father’s Mother was a “Reaves”…”Ryves” who dates to a High Sheriff that talked John Wesley’s grandfather into signing an Oath of allegiance to the King of England so he could be released from jail…and another one of his family that appointed by King James to oversee the writing of the King James Bible…today that and $.50 won’t buy me a latte…there was also a ships captain who married one of Pocahontas’ sisters…of course Powhatan her Father had a 100 wives…Hmmm! so much for fidelity…thanks for your time, I wished I lived closer. Lee C. Parker.

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