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  1. Susan,
    I am Cookie “Abrams” Welch, formally of Fort Dodge, Iowa. I was also a sister-in-law of JUDY ORT. I just saw that in October you received Judy’s Genealogy work. I was aware that she had put many hours and lots of hard work on this. She did give me some information years ago. I am wondering if she had any information on the Dennis McCarthy, Denis McCarty, John William Bradford, or Jack Abrams families all of Fort Dodge, or Clare.
    Also do you have an address or phone number for her daughter Christina Abrams? Or, maybe her sister Michelle. Last I knew she was in Des Moines. Chris knows that my brother (her father) passed away, but we have lost contact. Do you know how Chris’s girls are? Last I heard Judy had hoped to get the girls in a group home.
    Please, could you help me. I live in Maryland and am not well enough to make a trip to Fort Dodge. Thanks for any help you can give me Cookie ABRAMS Welch

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