Maurice J. Fevold

A funeral was held today for Staff Sgt. Maurice J. Fevold. He was born near Badger in 1923. He died Dec. 23, 1944, when his plane was shot down in Germany. The plane wasn’t found until a few years ago, and his remains were identified this year.

Carol Foltz (Webster County Genealogical Society president) attended the funeral.


An honor guard from the Patriot Guards waited outside before the funeral started.


William Bushman (left) is Maurice Fevold’s great-nephew. Maurice had an older sister, Jeanette. She was William Bushman’s grandmother.


The medals that Maurice Fevold earned with his service. The box will hold the flag that was draped over his casket.


Members of the military honor guard have loaded the casket into the hearse.

The procession leaves for Blossom Hill Cemetery near Badger.

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