A genealogy bargain

For a short time, you can buy the Family Tree Maker Deluxe software for $30.99 on Amazon.com. The normal price is $69.99.

It says that this version is for Windows 8, but under system requirements it says it will run on Windows XP, Vista or Windows; 7.

Read the reviews. There are people who love the software and people who hate it because they had problems.

One of the benefits of this package, though, is that it includes a three-month subscription to Ancestry.com. Currently, a six-month subscription is $77. So this is less than half of that cost. You do have to provide credit card information, as they will charge your card if you don’t cancel when the three months is up.

On Ancestry.com, they have two versions of Family Tree Maker: Family Tree Maker
2012 on sale for $29.99 and Family Tree Maker 2012 Complete on sale for $59.99. These each have a 14-day subscription, but you can get that anyway if it’s your first time signing up. The version on Amazon.com is Deluxe.

The sale on Amazon.com is for a short time – I was told until May 11, although I don’t see that on the Amazon.com page. It is in CD format, so you have to wait for it to arrive. It should have free shipping if you pick the standard shipping option.

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