Third-quarter newsletter

Members of the Webster County Genealogical Society should have already received their newsletters.

We have had a request for the newsletters to be in digital format, so they can be emailed instead of mailed. If you would like to have your newsletter emailed, please send your request to webcoiagenies@gmailcom. Put “newsletter” in the subject line.

Here is a two-page sample of the current newsletter, so you can see what the quality is. (link ) I was working from a copy, so it’s not 100 percent. But it’s readable. I’ll work from the original next time, so the quality should be better.

In addition to the two pages in the PDF, other information in the current newsletter includes: entries from the 1889/1890 Fort Dodge city directory from Fred Everhart to Chas F. Garrison, a continuation of the Webster Count probate index case numbers 1229 to 1262, a letter to the editor from May 1923 (responding to a letter to the editor that was in the previous newsletter), and some other miscellaneous items.

It’s not likely that we will have the entire newsletter online for nonmembers to access. We will email the newsletter to members who request it.