On this day in 1917: June 22

The Fort Dodge Messenger
June 22, 1917
Two Divorces are Requested
Mrs. Denning Asks Custody of Children
Rehder Asks Injunction
Mrs. Mary Denning is asking an absolute divorce and custody of two children, in a petition filed in district court today. She alleges that her husband, Eugene Denning, has threatened to adopt her children away from her and she asks that he be restrained from bothering them now and after a divorce is procured.
Agnes Carter in a petition filed today, asks that she be granted a divorce from her husband, Oran Carter.
Edward Rehder asks an injunction against J.W. Smith, restraining him from canceling a lease for the Smith garage building, on First avenue north.

On this day in 1917: June 21

The Lehigh Valley Argus
June 21, 1917
Find Body of Drowned Boy
Ben Black and John Pray found the body of Delbert Haire, who was drowned in the Des Moines river at Fort Dodge, the body floating down the river to the J.B. Black farm north of town. Ben Black and John Pray had been searching for the body by the use of the motor boat for three days, when they were as last successful, finding the body lodged against some willows near the Black farm Thursday noon.

Celebrating 40 years

The Webster County Genealogical Society received its charter from the Iowa Genealogical Society in April 1977. This year marks 40 years the WCGS has been in existence.

Come celebrate with us from 10 a.m. to noon on April 29 at the Fort Dodge Public Library, 424 Central Ave. We will have a program on Who Am I? Using DNA as an aid to genealogy research.

Refreshments will be served.

Please sign up at our event page on Facebook so we have an idea how many will be there.

Who are these people?


This was posted in a group on Facebook. The person who posted said:

This mysterious picture was with my Grandmother’s photo collection.. There is no identifying information written on the back, but I am wondering whether it might have been some contest that was held at the Manson Fairground. I know they had foot races, horse races, and other contests in the early 1900s. It appears to be some kind of human-powered pulling contest. Or perhaps they are just horsing around, in the absence of horses! I am hoping that some of you might have seen it somewhere and can help put names with faces. I’m almost certain it was taken around Manson, since grandma had it in her collection.

So it may have been taken in Calhoun County. If you have any ideas on who the people are or where the photo was taken, please email webcoiagenies@gmail.com and put “Race photo” in the subject line.