August Meeting

Tomorrow, Monday, August 23, 2021 at the Fort Dodge Public Library at noon. After the business┬ámeeting, Tony Cupp from the Iowa Genealogical Society in Des Moines will be visiting with us via zoom. He will be giving us a tour of the library. There’s a lot to see!

Susan M. Olson


We did have the meeting on Monday, Jun 28 at noon at the Fort Dodge Public Library. Here’s the schedule for upcoming meetings. All meetings are at noon.

July 19, 2021
Aug. 23, 2021
Sept. 20, 2021
Oct. 18, 2021

Monday Oct 3, 2021 at noon we will be having an open house. Dave Baker will be telling us about Ghost Towns of Webster County.


Work is still going on.

We do world wide genealogy research!

This has been an amazing weekend! There was a free online genealogy seminar. Members of the seminar helped find a Swedish lady that I have been looking for a long time. They told me the name of the ship she traveled on in 1880. Found her and family in the Dayton Emmanuel Lutheran church, and her passing in 1887. I am thrilled!!

Office hours and donation

We are still closed. No idea when we will open. A lot of medical concerns. If you have questions, call me at 515-570-7840.

Or email at

Or send me message via Facebook.

We are open by appointment only

Also, we received a big donation of materials from Judy Ort’s family. I went in Friday to take a look. A lot of duplicate items that are in our library.

Please call if you have questions.